2012-2013 Marla Becker Scholarship Award Winner

NNHVIP would like to congratulate the Minneapolis Youth Violence Intervention (MYVIP) program, who also visited the Massachusetts Violence Intervention Advocacy Program at Boston Medical Center, as the 2012 Marla Becker Scholarship Winners.  MY-VIP was started January 4, 2010, as part of  the City’s “Blueprint for Action” plan to break the cycle of violence in the city.   MYVIP is a hospital-based initiative designed to identify, address and intervene in the lives of youth ages 8-24 who present themselves at Hennepin County and North Memorial Medical Center emergency departments with violence related injuries (gunshot wounds, stab wounds, beatings). When a youth violence victim arrives, a hospital social worker or clinical psychologist is notified.  Comments from members of MY-VIP on their visit to Boston Medical Center include:

“Boston and BMC’s programs were awe-inspiring!”

“The part of the training that I liked best was…visiting the community partnerships, the dinner and the last day with the mental health component and how the patients are identified, contacted and follow up.”

 “Everyone was wonderful and inspiring! It was so good to see the compassionate remarkable care of the clients and the enthusiasm of the teams. I really liked the hospital-community partnerships and collaborations.”