NNHVIP releases a brief on collaboration with Street Outreach

Keys to Collaboration between Hospital-based Violence Intervention and Cure Violence programs

Many of the sites in our network of hospital-based violence intervention programs operate in the same community as, or actively partner with, street outreach and violence interruption programs following the Cure Violence model. While there are differences between the two models, they are compatible. In fact, they are complementary, reinforcing and, we believe, each an essential component of any community’s comprehensive violence prevention strategy. Even when program models are compatible in theory, personalities and organizations are not always compatible in reality.

NNHVIP, in partnership with Cure Violence and Youth ALIVE!, prepared this brief as a response to communities within and beyond the Healing Justice Alliance who are implementing, or are interested in implementing, both HVIP and CV replication sites. The goal of this brief is to help communities, and the personalities and organizations within them, to make this collaboration work. After all, there are lives that depend on it.

You can download the brief now and check out our other publications as well.

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