NPR Highlights NNVHIP’s Growing Network

NPR’s national reporting collaborative, Guns in America, investigates the slow, yet steady spread of hospital-based and hospital-linked violence intervention programs, highlighting NNHVIP’s training model. Prior to the formation of the NNHVIP in 2009, hospital-based and hospital-linked violence intervention programs remained overwhelmingly siloed in their development and funding.

Word of mouth is the main way the model has spread according to Dr. Marlene Melzer-Lange, a pediatric emergency doctor who helped establish NNHVIP founding member program, Project Ujima in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,

“I think people train in one place where there’s been such a program, and then they move to another place for their next job and they either start it up, or encourage other people in the new hospital to start up a program,” she said, adding that the number of applications to join NNHVIP is growing.

Read the full article: A Decades Old Approach to Prevent Gunshot Wounds is Catching on in Hospitals Around the US

Or Listen to WABE’s news story:

A Decades-Old Approach To Prevent Gunshot Wounds Is Catching On In Hospitals Around The U.S.


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