Marla Becker Scholarship

What is the Marla Becker Scholarship?

To honor our founder, the NNHVIP Steering Committee created The Marla Becker Scholarship in 2011. The scholarship is awarded annually to a new or emerging hospital-based violence intervention program. Scholarship winners will receive financial support to visit an established NNHVIP member program and participate in a 2-day on-site training.

Who is Eligible

Judging Criteria

Technical Assistance

About Marla Becker


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Important Dates – 2017-2018 Cycle

September 25, 2017: Application Process Begins

December 29, 2017: Last Day to Submit an Application

March 14, 2018: Scholarship Winners are Notified

August 31, 2018: Technical Assistance Must be Completed

 Who is Eligible?

  • Hospital-based or hospital-linked programs that provide violence prevention/intervention services to violently injured patients, including new programs in development or former programs in the reestablishment process.
  • Programs whose initial client referrals are based on the treatment for violent injury
  • Programs whose initial contact with the client take place in the hospital when possible
  • Programs operated by a hospital, a community-based non-profit and/or a government entity are eligible.

Judging Criteria

Scholarship applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Need for hospital-based intervention in applicant’s area: The applicant expresses clear need for a program based on high rates of violence and violent trauma received in their emergency department.
  • Requested technical assistance is feasible and specific: The applicant has requested technical assistance that shows a good understanding of their program’s need and can be provided by the trainer program.
  • Trainer program is available to provide technical assistance: Each applicant will request to train with a specific steering committee member program. The program requested must be available to provide training to the applicant.

Technical Assistance

NNHVIP offers technical assistance on a wide variety of topics related to starting, operating, expanding, and enhancing hospital-based violence intervention efforts. Which of the following topics are you seeking assistance with?

  • Conducting Effective Program Evaluations
  • Developing and Sustaining Partnerships
  • Engaging in Advocacy or Systems Change
  • Establishing Program Goals and Objectives
  • Identifying Patients, Assessing Risk, and Managing the Crisis
  • Informed Direct Service Staff Hiring Decisions
  • Managing Vicarious Trauma
  • Obtaining and Sustaining Program Funding
  • On-going Intervention Services (after the Initial Crisis)
  • Securing Hospital Buy-in
  • Selecting a Focus Population
  • Supporting Direct Service Staff: Training and Supervision
  • Trauma-Informed Practice

Technical assistance must be completed by August 31st of the award year. Additionally, recipients must participate in the selection process for the following year’s winner.

For more information, please visit the resources available on the NNHVIP website.

NNHVIP Trainer Programs

Caught in the Crossfire: Oakland, CA

Cure Violence (formerly CeaseFire): Chicago, IL

Healing Hurt People: Philadelphia, PA

Project Ujima: Milwaukee, WI

Massachusetts Violence Intervention Advocacy Program: Boston and Springfield, MA

Violence Intervention Program: Baltimore, MD

Wraparound Project: San Francisco, CA

For more information, please visit the program information available on the NNHVIP website.


About Marla Becker

Marla Becker, MPH was the first National Director of NNHVIP and worked in the field of violence prevention for 13 years at Youth ALIVE!, a non-profit dedicated to preventing youth violence and developing youth leaders in Oakland, CA. Marla’s published work includes two evaluations of the Caught in the Crossfire program and co-authoring Violence is Preventable: A Best Practices Guide for Launching & Sustaining a Hospital-based Program to Break the Cycle of Violence.

The Marla Becker Scholarship is funded by donations from NNHVIP members like you. Our shared purpose as a Network is to strengthen existing programs and help develop similar programs in communities across the country.

You can help us do that by making a donation to the Marla Becker Scholarship fund online by clicking here (PayPal membership NOT required) or by sending a check made out to “Youth ALIVE!” with “Marla Scholarship” in the memo to:


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