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Violence prevention and intervention are challenging enough; programs don’t have to do this work alone. The National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs consists of  programs across America, and beyond, who come together to move this work forward, share best practices, and encourage Trauma Informed Care for survivors of violent trauma. We’d love to have your program join us in this work.

Benefits of Membership

Applying for Membership

Membership Compliance

Benefits of Membership

  • Two years of mentoring from an experienced program
  • Listing as a Network Member Program on the National Network Website
  • Increased program visibility and affiliation with a national professional network
  • Discounted rate to attend the Network’s annual conference and front-line worker stipend (subject to availability)
  • Participate in learning communities and working group related to mental health, policy, professional certification, research and evaluation, and workforce development
  • The opportunity to become a technical assistance provider for new and emerging programs (the National Network manages a technical assistance clearinghouse)


Applying for Membership

There are five membership categories

Program Membership Category

For program membership a program must be active for at least one full year and have worked with no less than 20 clients

To apply for program membership, please follow the steps below:

  1. Review our NNHVIP Membership Criteria Overview to determine whether you qualify for membership in NNHVIP
  2. Take the NNHVIP Member Program: Pre-Application Quiz
  3. Complete the online NNHVIP Member Application

Please note: We recommend that you download the PDF version of the NNHVIP Membership Application first and collect all of the required information. Only online applications will be considered for membership. Do not email or mail a PDF application.

Applications are reviewed by our committee on a rolling basis. Please expect a decision and next steps within 30-60 days of submitting your application. 

Annual fee: Member programs pay an annual fee of $550.


Contributor Membership Category

Contributor Membership Requirements:

  1. Individuals who are not affiliated with a member program but are working toward (a) establishing an HVIP and/or (b) conducting critical research or policy work to advance the field.
  2. Unlike NNNHVIP National Advisors, these are NOT nationally acknowledged experts in the field
  3. Contributors are nominated by an NNHVIP member and approved by a majority vote of the Steering Committee and must provide their resume
  4. Contributors receive some or all of the benefits of membership, as determined on a case-by-case basis by the Advisory Board Chair

Annual fee: Contributor members pay an annual fee of $100


National Advisor Membership Category

National Advisory Membership Requirements:

  1. Individuals that are not affiliated with a National Network member but are respected leaders in the field
  2. Potential advisors do not apply, they must be nominated by an NNHVIP Steering Committee to provide a specific skill or need of the Network
  3. Nominees must provide a resume and may be interviewed by the Advisory Board

Annual fee: There are no annual fees for this category


Student Membership Category

Student Membership Requirements:

  1. Current undergraduate and graduate students interested in violence prevention/intervention work, and/or conducting research on HVIP
  2. Must have a valid university email address (.edu)
  3. To apply, must submit a resume and fill out an online NNHVIP student membership application 

Annual fee: Student members pay an annual fee of $50


Organizational Membership Category

Organizational Membership Requirements:

  1. Organizations that are actively involved in violence intervention/prevention work
  2. Organizations interested in joining the network must submit an organizational membership application and be approved by a majority vote of the Advisory Board
  3. To apply, download the NNHVIP Organizational Membership Application and send with supporting documents to

Annual fee: Organizational members pay an annual membership fee determined by organizational budget amount (but no less than $600)


Membership Compliance

As of 2018, programs can secure basic membership to NNHVIP by paying their annual dues. Basic membership but, that will NOT make you eligible for future stipends or other economic incentives. To be eligible for those you must be in good standing of all three requirements.

This includes:

  • Payment of annual dues
  • Completed annual survey
  • Regular attendance (50%) to at least one of the monthly working group calls
    • NNHVIP Working Groups
    • Conference Planning Committee(s)
    • Marla Becker Scholarship Selection Committee