Network Members

Member Programs:

At-Risk Intervention and Mentoring (AIM) (Denver, CO)

Beyond Violence (Richmond, CA)

Bridging the Gap (Richmond, VA)

Camden GPS (Camden, NJ)

Caught in the Crossfire (Oakland, CA)*

Caught in the Crossfire (Los Angeles, CA)

Cure Violence (multiple sites including international)*

Emergency Department Violence Intervention Program (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

Emergency Entry to Exit (Ventura, CA)

Gunshot Reoccurring Injury Prevention Services  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Healing Hurt People (Philadelphia, PA)*

Healing Hurt People Portland (Portland, OR)

Healing Wounds/Sanando Heridas (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Interpersonal Violence Intervention Mentoring (St. Louis, MO)

Journey Before Destination (Washington, DC)

Oasis Youth Support Service (OYS) (London, England)

Prescription for Hope (Indianapolis, IN)

Project Ujima (Milwaukee, WI)*

Redthread Youth Violence Intervention Project (London, England)

Rochester Youth Violence Partnership (Rochester, NY)

Sacramento Violence Intervention Program (Sacramento, CA)

Trauma to Triumph (San Jose, CA)

UMC Trauma Services VIP (Las Vegas, NV)

Violence Intervention Advocacy Program at Boston Medical Center (Boston, MA)*

Violence Intervention Program (Baltimore, MD)*

Violence Intervention Program (Philadelphia, PA)

Violence Intervention Program (Savannah, GA)

Violence Recovery Program (Boston, MA)

Within Our Reach (Chicago, IL)

Wraparound Project (San Francisco, CA)*

*Founding Member Program

Emerging Programs**:

Christiana Care, Newark DE

Capital Region Violence Intervention program, College Park, MD

Minneapolis Youth VIP, Minneapolis, MN

Hospital Violence Intervention Program, Memphis, TN

Michael Castaneda, Ed.D., Monterey, CA

HAVEN (Hospitals Against Violence, Empowering Neighborhoods), Los Angeles, CA

Kings Against Violence Initiative, Brooklyn, NY

Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention, San Diego, CA

**An Emerging Program is one that has received technical assistance from the NNHVIP Technical Assistance Center at Youth ALIVE! in Oakland or another of our Founding Member Programs.

Working Groups

NNHVIP has several working groups and committees that meet monthly and work to further the efforts of the Network. For more information on these groups, click here.

Technical Assistance

NNHVIP serves as a technical assistance clearinghouse for hospital-based violence intervention programs. If you are interested in receiving on-site technical assistance or would like to visit a Network member program, please visit our technical assistance page or contact us.