Healing Hurt People (Philadelphia, PA)

Healing Hurt People (HHP) is designed to reduce recidivism among youth aged 15-30 seen in emergency departments for violence-related injuries. HHP is a project of Drexel University College of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine-Hahnemann University Hospital and Drexel University School of Public Health’s Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice.

The Center uses a broad range of tactics in its work, including:

  • Trainings for direct service providers, mental health therapists, policymakers, elected officials and community members
  • Innovative programs aimed at healthcare institutions and community-based organizations
  • Advocacy for policy change
  • Community-based, multi-method research.

HHP follows a trauma-informed approach, which looks at the trauma that the patient has dealt with over the course of many years or even a lifetime. The program strives to shift the way that health care addresses the needs of young victims of violence, moving from a criminal justice concern to a public health perspective.

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