Violence Intervention Advocacy Program at Boston Medical Center

The Violence Intervention Advocacy Program (VIAP) is unique in that it is both one unified state program and also three distinct programs at three hospitals in Massachusetts. VIAP serves communities through emergency departments at Boston Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Baystate Medical Center.

VIAP’s services are tiered to reflect levels of recovery and development. Clients successfully complete the program by moving through these tiers. The services covered under each tier are:

1. Injury and recovery: Hospital care navigation and appointments, medical equipment needs, physical therapy, mental health, alcohol or substance abuse, state victim’s compensation awards.

2. Basic Needs: Housing/relocation, transitional assistance/food, family and child support, legal advocacy and support.

3. Personal Development and Growth: Education assistance, job readiness training, employment assistance, counseling (individual and family).

4. Maintenance: Check-in, maintaining jobs and school, personal development.

Visit the MA VIAP website.