Project Ujima (Milwaukee, WI)

Project Ujima is a multidisciplinary collaboration established in 1996 between the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin. The program is committed to helping stop the cycle of violent crimes by reducing the number of repeat victims of violence.

Community-based home visitation is the basic program model.  Clients are seen in the Emergency Department by a Community Liaison who provides immediate support and works to prevent retaliation. After discharge, a nurse or Community Liaison visits the home within two weeks to develop a service plan.

Project Ujima partners with outside agencies to offer counseling and assistance with food, housing, and other services. Additional activities include a six-week day camp focused on youth development, leadership, and self-esteem and a three-day camping and rafting trip in rural Wisconsin.

Project Ujima was awarded the U.S. Department of Justice Outstanding Program Award for Crime Victims Services in 2004.

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