Wraparound Project (San Francisco, CA)

The San Francisco General Hospital Wraparound Project is based on three critical beliefs: First, addressing root causes and risk factors of violence can prevent future injury and incarceration. Second, successful health communication requires cultural competence and trust. And third, when a major trauma occurs, it provides a teachable moment when people are more likely to make personal changes to secure their health and welfare for the future.

There are four key components to Wraparound’s public health model:

1. Define the problem and understand trends

2. Identify potential causes by analyzing risk and protective factors

3. Design, develop and evaluate intervention strategies, and

4. Apply and share successful programs.

Case Managers see victims of violence aged 14-25 while they are recovering from injury. Services include crisis response, vocational training, tattoo removal, after school programs, mental health services, educational advocacy, placement and referrals, and more.

In 2008, Wraparound Project received the National Association of Public Hospital’s Safety Net Award for Reducing Health Care Disparities.

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