Working Groups


Chair: Michael Bakal

This group will discuss issues related to messaging, developing communication plans, advocacy, and working with the media.

Mental Health

Co-Chairs: Nicky MacCallum and Shawn Deverteuil 

This working group provides clinical staff of NNHVIP programs with a venue for sharing challenges and best practices related to provision of mental health and trauma-informed services to violently injured clients.


Co-Chairs: Kyle Fischer and Carnell Cooper

This working group facilitates the expansion and development of hospital-based violence intervention programs and related best practices throughout the country, and use voice, experience, and expertise of hospitals and physicians to advocate for violence prevention policies.

Professional Certification

Co-Chairs: Anne Marks and John Rich

This group will discuss and further define the role of violence prevention professionals and their training.

Research and Evaluation

Co-Chairs: Joel Fein and Katie Bakes

This working group keeps NNHVIP abreast of current research and evaluations for hospital-based interventions and, develops standardized protocols for data collection and tracking, in order to builds the evidence base for these programs.

Workforce Development

Chair: Elizabeth Dugan

This working group provides support and coordination around best practices related to staff development, staff training, program development, and human resources.